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Silver Fox Restaurant Interior, 1950’s

Filed in Business by on May 13, 2010 4 Comments • views: 2313

Another postcard of the interior of the Silver Fox restaurant from the 1950’s, originally located at 30 North Spruce Street in Ramsey, New Jersey.

Silver Fox Restuarant


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Daniel Kennedy is a local history buff and a board member of the Ramsey Historical Association.

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  1. admin says:

    Actually wondering if this is where Varka is now, if anyone knows.

  2. Tom Westall says:

    This picture is of the Seven Sea’s.

  3. Susan (Williams) Small says:

    First it was Milano’s restaurant and then the silver fox. it is where I got engaged to my future husband. After the Silver Fox it was the Seven sea’s Also the Spruce Street Grill and Now Varka’s

  4. Nancy Williams Walters says:

    A special treat in our home was being taken out to Milano’s for your birthday dinner – and ordering anything that you wanted. Our dad, Harold G. Wiliams (known as Nick to many) winced when we ordered shrimp cocktail and lobster, but secretly he may have been pleased that he taught us all to appreciate good seafood. We were always treated well by the owners of Milano’s, and enjoyed the fuss over us. To go out to eat at a restaurant was quite a treat in the 1950’s, at least in our house!

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