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Cherry Lane circa 1902

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There was a time when Cherry Lane actually had a number of cherry trees. This postcard shows what Cherry Lane looked like looking south from Darlington Avenue in 1902.

Cherry Lane, 1902

Looking closely, you can see that there was only one house on the road back then. The area on the right of the photograph, near where you can see a wooden fence, would become the location of the first St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church in 1904.

This postcard is from the author’s personal collection.

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Daniel Kennedy is a local history buff and a board member of the Ramsey Historical Association.

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  1. Paul Culin says:

    I lived at this intersection (Cherry Lane @ Darlington Ave) back in the 60’s. Even to this day, my memory fills the picture with the images of the homes of my friends and the church. Great pic. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Joseph Culin says:

    Yep, this was directly across the street from our house.

  3. Jim Zelif says:

    It’s nice to see some old photos from this side of Ramsey. Mostly we see Main Street towards rt 17. Darlington Ave and north and south of it are the most beautiful streets in Ramsey. Cherry Lane is just one example. I grew up on Dogwood Terrace during the 60’s and 70’s which was developed in the 50’s and I can personally attest that the surrounding’s, including Union Cemetery are among the most beautiful parts of Ramsey. Darlington Ave from start to end is a post card from corner to corner.

  4. Cindy (Many) Dailey says:

    Love the old photos when they are near to where i was raised….. Blauvelt Ave… 1947 to 1971, Lots of friends on Cherry Lane, Ackerman Ave,, Shuart Lane…..

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