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Washington Headquarters

Filed in Homes by on June 29, 2010 8 Comments • views: 3341

A postcard entitled “Historic Washington Headquarters, Ramsey, NJ”.

Historic Washington Headquarters

Completed in 1849, this home was purchased in 1878 by Theodore A. Havemeyer of the American Sugar Refining Company. Purchased in 2001 by Ramapo College, it is known today as the Havemeyer House and is the residence of the president of Ramapo College.

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Daniel Kennedy is a local history buff and a board member of the Ramsey Historical Association.

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  1. Yousta Was From Ramsey says:

    This appears to be the Old Ferncroft thst was on Franklin Tpk where the Ferncroft apartments have been built….

  2. admin says:

    Interesting, any idea about the Washington Headquarters label?

  3. Raphael Spadavecchia says:

    It does look more like the Ferncroft Inn, owned by Julian Monti. I believe it was called the Mount Prospect Inn prior to Monti and was a popular gathering place as such for the locals who picked up their mail there and on Saturday nights had horse races down Prospect Street. In Monti’s time, there were carriad sheds in back of the inn and people would cone up frim the city and have a great time shooting clay pigeons andplaying Bocci Ball. After all, it was “out in the country”.

    As for Washington’s headquarters, it was on Darlington Avenue, and the home had an iron fence around the front. It then belonged to Henry O. Havemeyer who somehow was involved with steamships and other investments.

  4. Raphael Spadavecchia says:

    Correction on Washington’s Headquarters, it was on the Ramapo Valley Road.Going west on Darlington Avenue it would be just to the right of where Darlington Avenue ends. Spoke to him several times. He owned a lot of land on the east side of Ramapo Valley Road, which he sold to Sstephen Birch, who was into Jack Frost Sugar. That property now is where the Ramapo Valley College is now. Will comment on others noted later. Have many memories.

  5. Raphael Spadavecchia says:

    Correction on previous comment on Washington’s Headquarters. It was on the Ramapo Valley Road, almost direstly opposite where Darlington Avenue ends. Spoke to him several times in passing by. He owned almost all the land on both sides of Ramapo Valley Road and I believe it extended up to where the Lutheren Church is in Mahwah. A historic cemetary is at that point on the road. He sold almost the same amount of property on the east side to Stephen Birch, who was into Jack Frost Sugar. That property is now where the Ramapo Valley College is located.

  6. edith d'andrea says:

    This was not technically Washington’s “headquarters.” Washington is believed to have stood on the front steps of the Mount Prospect Inn and watched his troops straggle down the Old Albany Post Road (now Franklin Turnpike) as they retreated in 1776. They were on their way across NJ to PA, from where they eventually launched their attack on Trenton. They stopped, on the way, at the Hermitage in Waldwick and several other Bergen County sites.

    They reference to the encampment at the Havemeyer estate on Ramapo Valley Road was later in the war.

  7. william Ackerson says:

    the house pictured is the Havemeyer estate that is now the residence of the president of ramapo college

  8. Eric S. says:

    This does appear to be the Havemeyer House across from Ramapo College… Notice the large stones in front which are still there today. The House has been renovated and houses the College President. Once in a while they have tours, if your a History buff…… Check it out.

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