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Woodie Ramoco Grill Diner

Filed in Business by on August 3, 2010 7 Comments • views: 3547

The diner was opened in the mid 1950’s by Al and Frank Trapkin, and located on Route 17 in Ramsey approximately where the Kohl’s department store is today. The menu mainly consisted of ‘home style’ cooking.

Ramoco Grill

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Daniel Kennedy is a local history buff and a board member of the Ramsey Historical Association.

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  1. Jeff Oakland says:

    Is this the diner in Mahwah on rt. 17? Pal’s diner?

  2. Maurice says:

    The Ramaco diner was located on Rt.17 North where the Wendys now sits. The owners from the mid 50’s until it closed were Frank and Al Trapkin. They also owned the Ramsey Oil Co. Nice Guys!

  3. Helen Mekita says:

    I worked here in the 1960, Albert Renzo ran the diner then

  4. Pal’s Diner moved to Michigan

  5. Grand Rapids, MI since 1993

  6. Lucy Lerner says:

    How good it is to see the picture of the Ramaco Grill diner. It was owned by my father’s 1st cousins, Al and Frank Trapkin. My family used to stop there to visit and eat on the way to Monticello in the 1950s.

  7. Joyce Alvelo says:

    My father was Al Renzo and did run the diner long time ago before I was born up until I was 3 years old.

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